What is ginp?

ginp is a Java web application for the presentation of photo collections located on a web servers file system. It automatically presents the folders and files that have been placed on the web server with scp, nfs, ftp, webdav etc..., as a browsable Picture Gallery.

The platform independent application is written is Java and runs in Tomcat. It is licensed under the LGPL and available from sourceforge.net

Demo Collections

The above demonstrates the use of the ginp JSP Tags in different HTML styles. If you think you can create a better HTML interface then you are probably right, so download the ginp and have a go. Take one of the example styles and modify it with your favorite HTML editor. Please submit your results to the developers so that they can be included in the package, as an example style.


  • w2k4 Style.
  • Set-up Wizard for initial configuration.
  • Thumbnails are created and stored on the file system.
  • Pictures are sized to the browser window size to reduce bandwidth.
  • Users rights determine which collections are visible.
  • Exif info is viewable (thanks to Drew Noakes).
  • JSP and Taglibs allow for custom HTML designs.
  • Sample Styles.
  • Multi language user interface using ResourceBundles.
  • Model View Controller Architecture.
  • Maven build.
  • JUnit tests.

What ginp is not?

ginp = Ginp Is Not a Picture manager

ginp = Ginp Is Not gimP

The management of the files is NOT part of the application because there are better tools for copying renaming and moving files.

Editing the photos is NOT part of the application because there are better tools for editing images.