Changes Report

Release History

0.30-SNAPSHOTSubsequent release
0.232005-03-31Subsequent release
0.222005-01-01Subsequent release

Release 0.30-SNAPSHOT - null

addCommons Logging.
addMaven Build.

Release 0.23 - 2005-03-31

addlog4j Logging.
fixBetter thumnbnail generation.
fixPerformance and Scalability improvments.
fixi18n bug fixes.
addXML config file can be used to set: Thumbnail sizes, Page locations, Force language, Character encoding.
addBasic Russian translation.
addNew optional film strip picture navigator tag.

Release 0.22 - 2005-01-01

fixImportant Security Fix. (All users should upgrade.)
fixBetter i18n with Locale encoding.
addBasic French and Polish translations.